Why no, I haven't updated this page for a long time.  But I do update my blog (on occasion) and my photo blog (on an even more rare occasion) so I figure that gives me a good excuse. 

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Random Babble
My blog.  Filled with... well... random babble!
Focusing on Something Positive
A site I co-created with my dear friend Abisel to honor the wonderful actor, Robert Gant.
Juha Ylonen Fansite
Since Juha has returned to Finland, this site is no longer updated.
One Line Laughs
My never updated page of one line funnies.
My Windows Themes
Themes I created years ago when unable to find what I was looking for.
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Some fairly amusing sites for your perusing pleasure.
All about ihailu
For those of you wondering just who this ihailu chick is.
Friends Pages
What personal website would be complete without a cheesy page dedicated to their friends?
My Pictures
A page dedicated to special and not so special things in my life.

Last update Nov.14.2004

And just because I'm a supreme cheeseball...

There was a cucumber, a pickle, and a penis sitting around talking about how their lives sucked.

The cucumber "Man, my life sucks. When I get big, fat, and juicy, they cut me up and stick me on a salad."

The pickle looks at him and says, "You think you have it bad? When I get big, fat, and juicy, they stick me in vinegar, put spices on me, and stick me in a jar."

The penis looks at him and says, "You think you have it rough? When I get big, fat, and juicy, they stick a rubber tarp on my head, stick me in a dark room, and bang my head against the wall until I throw up and pass out!."

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