My not so good weekend turned into a not so fabulous Monday. Well... the weekend wasn't necessarily bad... I just spent it with an abscess induced swollen face from my latest round with the dentist. I also skipped out on practice Sunday because just the thought of a bass drum kicking right next to me was painful.

Luckily for me (or rather, for my office), my face was back to normal and the pain had dulled quite a bit by the time I woke up this morning. You see, as I got to my desk at 6:30 this morning, my phone was ringing... M (supervisor) called to let me know he wasn't coming in and asked if I could cover some of his stuff. Resigned to a crazy day, I got myself coffee and updated my wonderful department mate when she got in at 7:00. As we were talking... M's phone rang. Almost knowing what it was going to be, I ran over and picked it up upon seeing it was a local number. D was also not going to be coming in. I sighed, called to see if someone could handle my mail for me and walked back over to E. As we were trying to figure out how the hell we were going to handle the work of five over-loaded people, I joked that E-2 was not yet in and the message light on M's phone was blinking. By 8:00 we realized that she too would be staying home today and that meant over half of the department was going to be out. On a Monday. Shorlty after we almost tripled our daily volume. Also shortly after starting to take on some of the load from our NJ office, which we are in the process of phasing out. It was right about then that I started to hear my brain cells screaming as they plummeted from some sort of brain cliff. But E and I kicked hardcore ASS today. Big time. Tomorrow we will shoot the others with staplers and they shall become our coffee bitches.

And when the stress from today wears off, I will finally be able to cry and mourn the pending announcement that the [profanity] [bleep]'s at Sci-Fi have decided to cancel SG-1 after finally breathing some new life into the series. Stupid [censored] [*****].