My bass and I spent just enough quality time this weekend for me to wear away a layer of skin on my fingers. It serves me right for having gone so long without playing. On the plus side, I'm rapidly getting back into the swing of things and have done failry well picking up some new covers. Five points and a Gold Star to me! I'm just glad super-LJ was able to fix my curbow!

I was hoping that I would be in the posession of a shiny, pink, 5 string bass by now, but alas, the money I got for six years of service in my office has gone towards new glasses. It appears that one of the miniacs (Yes, miniacs... my sister's kittens) decided my glases would be fun to play with. They went MIA Wednesday night and made the last two day of the work week suck ass. Saturday found me at Lenscrafters, loving the eyeglass-gods (and Lab Tech!), getting my glasses in an hour and not being one of those people that required their lenses to be special ordered. I've been meaning to get my eyes checked again but the cats forced me to stop procrastinating.