I need to figure out which of my coworkers I contracted this stomach bug from so that I (and a couple of others who had to leave early) may beat on them. I'd say Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday... but tomorrow I start going back to the dentist. It's been longer than it should have been since I last went... now it's time to see how much degredation there has been since my last visit and how much more money I can possibly add to my (already scary) running total.

The 2006-2007 NHL schedule has been released. I haven't had time to fully scrutinize the Coyotes schedule yet but I have made some observations: The Rangers will be here this year as will the Islanders (not exciting to me, but I can bring Peemer who is an Islander fan). Superviosr M is also excited about the Coyotes opening against NYI, but he has his own season tickets. S' team wil be here... on his birthday of all days which is kinda of cool. Especially given that It'll be awhile until they're back this way. Given that we met at a hockey game, I definitely think this will be a very nifty way to celebrate his birthday.

My tickets for the IFMA freestyle motocross came in today and admittedly I'm quite looking forward to going with LJ next Friday. Motocross rocks donkeys.