They (management types) said: If we feed you lunch all week (M: Pizza, Tu: Mexican W: Chinese Th: Chick Fil-A F: BBQ) do you think you can get six days worth of work done in five days? If so, we'll give you July 3rd off so you'll have a four day weekend. We said: Yay! Absolutely! The part that no one realized is that it actually feels like a six day work week. My motivation has been repeating "Four Day Weekend" when my brain starts to fizzle out. So far, so good. I think.

Man, I can't believe the Coyotes traded Paul Mara. That is so not cool. Supervisor C felt bad about breaking the news to me. I told him it was bound to happen. It seems that every time I pick a new favorite on the team, they are gone within 2 years. Next up, Keith Ballard.