The memorial service was beautiful... It started out with the military honors, which was so amazing and reinforced the already tremendous amount of our pride we all felt about my father. It was also, of course, what got us crying. The gun salute, hearing Taps, the flag being presented to my mother... It was very emotional, but at the same time we were so very honored by it all. Despite a few tears (Taps, lol), the service brought us all so much peace and comfort.

My mother, knowing it is what my father would have wanted, contacted a minister that we met with the day before. He was such a wonderful man, and really made the service special. He perfectly captured my father's spirit in the short amount of time he spent with us because everything that he said and every scripture he read was so perfectly fitting and so very uplifting. I woke up somewhat anxious, but left feeling very at peace.

Afterward, the minister shook everyone's hand, and I flew over to my father's urn box. I wanted to see it... to touch it. It was SO beautiful. It was oak, and on the top in bronze was an eagle in front of an American flag. Engraved was his name and the years of his birth and death. Again, it was so "Dad". Shortly after, I was given the pendant containg a small amout of my father's ashes. It is gourgeous, and such a comfort to have. We were also able to go see where his nice was located, now all we have to do is give the final information for a permanent marker.

For a day I would give anything not to have had to experience, it was one of peace, simplicity, and beauty. Just what my father would have wanted, and exactly what he deserved.

And... I got a new kitty. Yes, we have ANOTHER one in the house. She was an early birthday gift from my sister and mother. She is SO cute!!! She's 7 months old and has tortoise shell coloring. Even more adorable, is her mouth looks kind of like a checkerboard. The top is brown on the left, black on the right and the bottom is black on the left and brown on the right. Adorable! Eventually, when she's more comfortable around the house, I will have pictures. Her name was listed as Greta Garbo which I have decided to keep. Somehow, it's fitting lol. We'll just call her Gigi for short ;-).