As the end of 2005 approached, I never thought it would be one I looked back on as the worst year. Dad and I were enjoying our first year as Coyotes season ticket holders, and eagerly awaiting our third Arizona Sting season. Christmas was on its way and I was looking forward to capping off a year that had been good to me. I never knew it would end so painfully.

As terrible situations go, I can honestly say that I am very lucky in that I had a wonderful night at the hockey game with my father. We had fun, got his picture taken with "Howler-clause". And I was even chosen to particpate in their "fan of the game" contest so dad got to see me up on the jumbo-tron. He was so proud of that. I can honestly say that's one of the best games we'd had this season. The coyotes even won! I never would have thought our conversation on the ride home would be our last. We had such a tight bond, and now that the shock is starting to fade just the tiniest bit, I am already starting to feel a tremendous ache in his absence.

I think I'm going to try to hit my first game back tomorow. If my sister can't go with me, I'm going to go alone and place a yellow rose on his seat as a tribute, If she does go, I'll save my tribute for another game. It's going to be difficult going back. That's why I want to try to do the first one while I'm still feeling a little numb. Plus, I know he'd kick my butt 15 ways 'til Sunday if I didn't go back.

I think the reality of this will really hit more after his memorial service Jan 11. I just hope I'll have the strength to get through it...

I miss you dad.