What's with the coyotes and the 3-2 losses? Aside from Cujo and Boosh out with groin strains. *grumble* But they did win the home opener... An incredible night from start to finish. Nothing can tarninsh a night in which Bobby Hull is honored. The ceremony of unretiring his number to give it to Brett was awesome. I mean... Bobby Hull... wow. Not that the penalty shots weren't amazing. Nags goal and Cujo's save. And, of course, the win.

Even better... my damn mosquito bites (ie: the baseball sized lumps on my legs) are mostly gone thanks to the Doc. I don't understand it. I lived on half an acre in NY and half of my backyard was wooded. I used to get bites all the time and NEVER had a reaction like I did with these. Stupid mosquitos. At least I don't have to patrol the house with my sister's hair spray anymore. heh.