To the USPS I would like to say: WTF?

Now, I realize that mail gets delivered to the wrong address on occasion... usually for an addresses on the same street, sometimes not but at least in the same general area for the most part. What I want to know though, is how mail going from Pennsylvania to Indiana ends up in ARIZONA! Or how, on the same day, mail going from New York to Florida ends up in ARIZONA, or, while I'm at it... how does mail going from Oregon to CANADA end up in ARIZONA? Again I say WTF? It probably wouldn't be so bad if it didn't happen so many times in one week... or in this case, so many time in one day! And that's just stuff coming in to one address. Who knows what else is going where! I don't know if it's computer error, I don't know if it's human error, but I do know it speaks volumes about Postal "Service" as a whole.