I was so close to not coming in to work today... but then I remembered what it was like to be on the phones all day with out either of the regular backups in the office so here I am. I did, however, leave a voicemail on my supervisors phone at 1:30 in the morning letting him know I wasn't going to be in until 11:00ish. That's because I was awoken at 1:00 am by a seemingly innocuous, extremely loud clap of thunder. Walls shook, the car alarms went off, etc. Things seemed to calm down and I tried to go back to sleep... only to find out from my sister that the horse farm across the street was on fire. Yikes! Like many of my neighbors, we wandered outside in our pajamas to keep an eye on what was going. Small though the fire was, it's was a bit disconcerting to see it right across the street. Especially considering it's wildfire season. Luckily though, it was not in the area where the horses were kept. Lucky also, that we'd had a very brief smattering of rain right before this happened. It was definitely a crazy night. And the chaos doesn't even end there! While watching the fire fighters try to put out the flames we heard the screeching of breaks followed by a crash. Apparently a tow truck slammed into a cop car. Nice. They got the fire out somewhere around 2:00. We noticed this morning that the fire was closer then it looked. Even though everything was ok by then, it was still a little unnerving to realize that. The horses were all acting as though nothing happened though, and that was very comforting to see.

eta: I got home from work around 6:00 tonight and the fire is still smouldering. Suddenly, I'm not so comforted, lol.