I am truly my father's daughter as far as luck is concerned. Saturday I decided to go ahead and drop the money to buy God of War (I got addicted watching others play while I was in NY). I was excited, doing the happy dance in my car on the way home only to attempt loading the game.... into an almost dead playstation. LJ opened the system up and tried performing emergency surgery to no avail. Life support was removed and the patient sewn up. Cursing, I headed off to replace the fallen system. Back home and squeeing over the cuteness of the smaller PS2, I made a second, successful attempt at loading the game and happily went about mutilating my enemies... Until the game froze up. I was not a happy camper at the point. I let it go until Sunday morning when I exchanged the disc for one that (finally) worked..

I probably would have cried Saturday night were it not for the Sting's fourth quarter ass-whoopin against the Roughnecks to move on to the Champions Cup final against Toronto. Woooooo Hoooooo! Go Sting Go!