I woke up this morning to find out someone attempted to break into my car last night. I heard a car alarm while I was in bed and thought it might be mine so I got up to check it out. By the time I grabbed my keys, it had stopped. I then assumed it was a car belonging to the people across the street and went back to bed, thinking nothing of it until I went to shut the alarm off this morning and it beeped 4 times. Then when I pulled out of my driveway, the passenger door flung open. It was a little disconcerting to say the least. But I pulled over, closed the door and checked to see if anything was taken. This time, luckily, nothing was gone. No one has been in the passenger side of my car since Sunday, and they locked the door when they got out so I know it wasn't a case of not shutting the door properly. The ease with which people can get into my car is yet another reason I dislike my Chevy. Of course, living across the street from a horse farm and parking on the out side of my driveway doesn't help any either. I still want another car though. I only got the egg mobile (beside being broken into, my car was also egged... only I didn't find out early enough to prevent the damage to my paint) because I was in a hurry to replace my dying Camry. Oh, how I miss my Toyota!

First order of business after the dental work is done (in what I've come to figure is about a year from now): A new vehicle.