Well, the relatives are back home in NY, freezing but safe. I'm so glad they were able to come out and spend time with us! It was two weeks of wonderful craziness. Both my house and my parent’s house are quiet again but they're lacking the fun atmosphere of having had all those people around. I can't remember the last time I was that busy! Besides just hanging out and doing the normal "family is in town" type things, we managed to fit in a few hockey games and a lacrosse game with my cousins. Not surprisingly, the Coyotes lost all three games while the Sting won against San Jose (what a comeback!). The Coyotes are a frustrating team to watch right now, but I'll keep going to games no matter how sucktasticly they're playing (I'm dedicated, what can I say? How else can you explain wanting to go to more games when they've only one once in the 11 or so times we've gone this year?). That aside, Things are slowly returning to normal. I've resumed my 5-day work week and my multimedia projects at home. As much as I love my computer, I was quite happy to have had that time off from my projects.

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