For the record... I don't like having dental work done on the bottom. Not that I particularly enjoy getting the work done up top, but it was easier a couple of reasons. Novocain shots, for instance, are more evil on the bottom. They don't hurt any more then the top, but for some reason it speeds my heart up and makes me shaky for a couple of minutes. Plus, I have a tendency to feel what he's doing. Not fun. But I now have two more problems taken care of and have inched another step closer to being done. Not surprisingly, I was informed I'd need one more root canal. I figured as much.

I got a belated birthday gift from my parents yesterday. They combined my watch fetish with my Coyotes obsession and got me a gorgeous Coyotes watch. I absolutely love it!

And since the topic of hockey was brought up... (Oh, like you didn't know this was coming) Thankfully, I was not at the game last night to see them routed by Edmonton. I was, however, there on Wednesday when they lost to the Penguins. The Penguins for crying out loud! The team that lost 18 straight before coming to Phoenix. The team that also lost again right after leaving Phoenix. The team that's sitting at the very bottom of the NHL, with only 12 wins this season...

Next trip to the arena is tomorrow.  For a Sting game. At least the Sting go out there and give 100%, which is probably why they’ve won 3 of their 4 games at home. Hell, even when they lost they went out there and played a full 60 minutes. I'm happy to see they're being recognized enough to be televised. Even if it is on a local Cox channel. I hope it helps build up the interest that the team deserves.